Criminal Case File

                                     Docket Sheet


5/8/18                  Indictment

5/8/18                  Arrest Affidavit

5/8/18                      Arrest Interview

5/30/18                    Affidavit of Cheryl Williams

5/30/18                    Affidavit of Nick Williams

9/20/18                    Denial of Bond Appeal

12/3/18                    Denise's Motion in Limine re Opinions of Witnesses

12/5/18                    State's Motion in Limine re Brian Obstructing Justice

12/5/18                    Order Excluding Brian's Extrajudicial Statements

12/13/18                  Denise's Motion for Judgment of Acquittal

12/13/18                  Trial Exhibit List

12/14/18                  Jury List & Notes From Jurors

12/14/18                  Verdict

12/21/18                  Denise's Motion for New Trial

1/16/19                    Denise's Motion to Interview Jurors

1/16/19                    Memorandum in Support of Motion to Interview with Juror Affidavit

1/23/19                    Denise's Amended Motion for New Trial

2/6/19                      Sentence and Judgment

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